ITC-Asia 2020 Accepted Papers

Paper ID. / Authors. / "Paper Title"
1. Kevin Fan. "Test Challenges of Providing Low Phase Noise Reference Clock Signal with ATE Platform"
2. Aibin Yan, Jun Zhou, Yuanjie Hu, Yan Chen, Tianming Ni, Jie Cui, Patrick Girard and Xiaoqing Wen. "Design of a Highly Reliable SRAM Cell with Advanced Self-Recoverability from Soft Errors"
6. Chia-Chuan Lee and Soon-Jyh Chang. "BER Test for SAR ADCs"
7. Mincent Lee, Cheng-Tse Lu, Chia-Heng Tsai, Hao Chen and Min-Jer Wang. "Site-aware Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning for Circuit Probing to Prevent Overkill"
8. Yan-Shen You, Chih-Yan Liu, Mu-Ting Wu, Po-Wei Chen and Chein-Mo Li. "Diagnosis technique for Clustered Multiple Transition Delay Faults"
9. Heng-Yi Lin, Yen-Chun Fang, Shi-Tang Liu, Jia-Xian Chen, James Chien-Mo Li and Eric Jia-Wei Fang. "Automatic IR-Drop ECO Using Machine Learning"
10. Ming-Ting Lee, Chen-Hung Wu, Shi-Tang Liu, Cheng-Yun Hsieh and James Chien-Mo Li. "High Efficiency and Low Overkill Testing for Probabilistic Circuits"
11. Yu-Pang Hu, Shuo-Wen Chang, Kai-Chiang Wu, Chi-Chun Wang, Fu-Sheng Huang, Yi-Lun Tang, Yung-Chen Chen, Ming-Chien Chen and Mango Chao. "Test Methodology for Defect-based Bridge Faults"
12. Chenlei Fang, Qicheng Huang and Ronald Blanton. "Adaptive Test Pattern Reordering for Diagnosis using k-Nearest Neighbors"
14. Qicheng Huang, Chenlei Fang and Shawn Blanton. "Diagnosis Outcome Prediction on Limited Data via Transferred Random Forest"
17. Liyang Lai, Qiting Zhang, Hans Tsai and Wu-Tung Cheng. "GPU-based Hybrid Parallel Logic Simulation for Scan Patterns"
18. Tong-Yu Hsieh, Chen-Chia Chung and Jun-Tsung Wu. "On Enhancing Error-Tolerability of Videos via Re-Encoding with Adaptive I-Frame Insertion"
19. Tong-Yu Hsieh and Yu-Min Chung. "A Self-Detection and Self-Repair Methodology for Reliable Speech Recognition Considering AWGN Noises"
20. Chung-Huang Yeh and Jwu E Chen. "The Decision Mechanism Uses the Multiple-Tests Scheme to improve Test Yield in IC Testing"
21. Tsung-Fu Hsieh, Jin-Fu Li, Jenn-Shiang Lai, Chih-Yen Lo, Ding-Ming Kwai and Yung-Fa Chou. "Refresh Power Reduction of DRAMs in DNN Systems Using Hybrid Voting and ECC Method"
24. Shyue-Kung Lu, Zeng-Long Tsai, Chun-Lung Hsu and Chi-Tien Sun. "ECC Caching Techniques for Protecting NAND Flash Memories"
27. Yousuke Miyake, Takaaki Kato and Seiji Kajihara. "Path Delay Measurement with Correction for Temperature and Voltage Variations"
28. Po-Ting Lai, Yu-Hao Ciou, Chieh-Wen Lu, Kuang-Hsiang Liu, Tung-Liang Chiu and Wendy Chen. "Development and Validation of a Novel Reliable Method for Wet Testing on Biochemical Chip"
31. Chien-Hui Chuang, Kuan-Wei Hou, Cheng-Wen Wu, Mincent Lee, Chia-Heng Tsai, Hao Chen and Min-Jer Wang. "A Deep Learning-Based Screening Method for Improving the Quality and Reliability of Integrated Passive Devices"
32. Kuen-Wei Yeh and Jiun-Lang Huang. "DSSP-ATPG: A Deterministic Search-Space Parallel ATPG"
33. Hayoung Lee, Donghyun Han, Hogyeong Kim and Sungho Kang. "W-ERA: One-Time Memory Repair with Wafer-Level Early Repair Analysis for Cost Reduction"
36. Fong-Jyun Tsai, Chong-Siao Ye, Yu Huang, Kuen-Jong Lee, Wu-Tung Cheng, Sudhakar Reddy, Mark Kassab and Janusz Rajski. "Prognostication of Test Data Volume for Scan Architectures with Different Numbers of Input Channels"
39. Jian-De Li, Sying-Jyan Wang, Katherine Shu-Min Li and Tsung-Yi Ho. "Watermarking for Paper-Based Digital Microfluidic Biochips"
42. Chia-Heng Tsai, Chi-Chang Lai, Hao Chen and Min-Jer Wang. "Novel Circuit Probing for Tiny Inductor"